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About Us

Wonderlab is a professional studio of digital vfx.

Thanks to this winning approach, we were nominated for the 2018 David di Donatello for Best VFX with the film “Addio Fottuti Musi Verdi”.

Our objective has always been to give directors and screenwriters artistic and creative input for their films, in reading the script, designing a concept, making digital mockups, being on set with the director and offering technical and logistical support, and of course creating images that are innovative, elegant, but never invasive, and always faithful to the storyline.

Our Services


Interactive Installation • Video Installation • APP • VR Products • Video 360

Visual Effects

Movie • TV Commercial • Animation • Camera projection

Digital Content

Illustration • Storyboard • Scenography • Video Mapping


Rendering • Animation • Shooting • VR


Documentary • Corporate • TV Commercial

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